"Trees are poems written by the earth into the sky."

The adventure trail “Points of view” across the district “Äußere Neustadt” (outer new town) got started here in 2005. The first station dealt with the greenery of the streets.

This proverb of wisdom by Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran (1883–1931) shines in blue acrylic letters on an ‘eye lens’ 5.40 metres by 2 metres in size. This form, made of black basalt mosaic plaster and stainless steel panels, can be found in the paving at Dresden’s square Albertplatz.

Pedestrians usually pass this symbolic ‘viewing window’ carelessly. It points at the roots of the sycamore tree that has been under protection since 1999. This tree has been standing its grounds since about 1880 at this strongly sealed spot with heavy traffic at the street Bautzner Straße.

In the course of the decades, the tree’s circumference has reached 3.30 metres, while its subterranean root system, reaching far in width and depth, has slightly lifted the surface. On hot days the tree top, 25 metres in height, offers a pleasant microclimate, so pedestrians and cyclists waiting at the traffic lights may take a gasp of relief.

Attentive passers-by surely regret the loss of the impressive copper beech near the fountain “Stormy wave”. This tree hasn’t survived the heat of the years 2018/19. It was one of those valuable species that once belonged to a well-thought-out layout of green areas at the square since its formation in the 1820s.

Not only did the streets Königstraße and Hauptstraße form avenues of sycamore trees; Bautzner Straße and Königsbrücker Straße gave the impression of an avenue, too. Detached mansions framing the square called Albertplatz used to be surrounded by designed gardens. Thus, species of aloe, palm trees and bamboo used to grow in front of the mansion “Villa Eschenbach”.

The north at the artesian well was decorated with banana trees in buckets and round beds in the summer. Lilac grew in the middle of the square as well as hemlock, bald cypress, ginkgo, tree of heaven, and thuja.

Today, the planting of a tree including planning, potential underground engineering, excavation, substrate, and special care of young trees costs approximately 3,500 Euros.

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